Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ty had a birthday!

 ty and I on his b-day
I had my mom cut some iron on vinyl for his shirt--Thanks mom!

Ty and Byron have fun playing together...most of the time!

Time for cake!

quick someone distract him long enough for me to set it down!

I LOVE attention!

oh this looks fun

I think I'll take a bite

hey that's pretty good!

I think I'll have some more

Why do you want me to look at the camera?  I've got a cake to eat here!

Wes "headbutt the cake Ty"

haha I'll headbutt anything!  even a cake, isn't that funny!

even covered in cake I'm adorable

Monday, August 1, 2011


Todd had to go out of town for 15 days and suggested it would be a good time for me to go see Shanell in Utah!  I left the kids with my mom (my dad's idea!) and headed out with Taylor on a road trip.  We had a BLAST!

Start driving with the plan of making it all the way to Utah.  Pull over in Clinton (an hour and a half from home) to take a nap because I just can't stay awake any more.  Decide we'll never make it to Utah in one day and head for Aunt Vernet's house in Colorado instead.  I always love staying at Vernet's!
Drive to Utah. 
Go Grocery shopping with Shanell, make dinner, and go out for frozen yogurt.
Take a walk to the park, do a couple laps and then walk home.
Go shopping.
Go to a BBQ for one of Logan's friends who was leaving for Med School.

At the BBQ, the view was amazing!
Do a 7 o'clock session at the Temple and then drop Logan off at work.
Go on a picnic at the park.
 Go explore Temple Square including a tour of the conferece center and the new family history library (It's HUGE and awesome!).
Go on a hike.
 Go get a pizza at THE PIE (So good!)
 To the the state capitol lawn to watch The Sandlot projected onto a screen.
yes I actually do have a neck although it may not look like it in this picture
Go garage saleing in the morning.  Only bring one quarter with us each time and see what we can get them to give us for a quarter. 
Put together Shanell's new table that she bought at a garage sale before and had sanded and painted (it looks great!)
Get Shanell to give me a hair cut.
Shanell teaches me how to make hamburger buns.
Go to the grocery store
Have a picnic with some friends.
Go to blockbuster for a movie and then the grocery store(again) to grab some vanilla ice-cream and rootbeer. 
Watch a movie and have rootbeer floats!

Go to church
Take a nap
Go to a family dinner at Aunt Terri's

Go to a pancake breakfast
Drop Logan off at work
Answer Logan's call five minutes latter wondering when we're going to pick him up.  HAHA
Go to Ikea
Pick Logan up and walk to the Gateway mall for some shopping.
Go home and eat leftover hamburgers and then head to aunt Terri's for dinner
Walk to Sugar city park for their fireworks display.

Drive to colorado and Stay with Aunt Vernet
Drive to MO and see my kids! Stay the night at mom and dad's
Go home and wait FIVE MORE DAYS for Todd to get home :(

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Sister's wedding.

So Sydnie got married a couple weeks ago and it was so awesome to be able to be all together as a family again!  I LOVED having my sisters around! 

All of these pictures are from Michelle.  If you want to see the rest from the reception just click on the link.

I made myself crazy trying to prep for making the cake staying up late googeling filling flavors and youtube videos on how to stack a cake, and obessing over what to use as for a cake stand (Todd made me one, isn't he great?).  In the end I went with a strawberry cake on bottom (per Sydnie's request) with a chocolate swiss meringue buttercream   in between the layers.  The rest of the cake was chocolate with a strawberry swiss meringue buttercream between the layers (I used strawberry freezer jam to give it extra strawberry flavor...YUM).  The top tier was just rice krispy treat covered in frosting (no one ate it, it was just for looks).  Here is a photo of the final product.  My friend Jenna helped me and she was amazing!  I've never seen buttercream frosting so smooth. 
Wes and Kaylee (Dave and Jenna's daughter) also got married the same weekend, although Kaylee has recently told Wes that she can't marry him because he picks his nose haha!
The entire family!

I finally uploaded photos to our (new) computer with a functioning card slot.  I would say that I should be posting more often now but honestly I probably won't haha!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 months!

At the hotel in Kirtland.

Wes was loving the huge snowballs he could make!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year

Ah, a new year (ok so what if I'm a couple weeks behind)!

Last year was great, the past decade was great!  A few things that happened last year include
  • Todd got through one more semester of college!  It was a huge financial adjustment having him in class, but now he is that much closer to graduating (just 3 more classes!) and it feels great!
  • We found out we were expecting!  After much prayer and fasting we were blessed with a pregnancy and were soo excited.
  • Potty trained Wes!  He was just about 27 months when I decided I was done with the diaper thing...and so was he!  After just a few days and only accidents we had it mastered.  
  • Family Reunion!  This summer was the huge Wilkins Family Reunion.  It was pretty exhausting but such a blast to be around so much family all during the week.
  • Girls camp.  although I was really dreading it, I actually had a LOT of fun!  
  • TY Doyle Hart joined our family in October, and we love him so much! 
  • We moved to New York, and we LOVE it here!  It's been so nice to be around so many church history sites, including the Joseph Smith home and Sacred Grove.
  • Shanell came home from her mission and came to visit!
  • Shanell and Logan got married!  Welcome to the family Logan!  

And now for some things I plan on accomplishing this year
  • Read Jesus the Christ.  When I was 13 I suddenly realized that I had been able to read for quite sometime and had yet to read the Book of Mormon.  I felt disappointed in myself and began that summer with an intense study of that wonderful book!  I've always wanted to read Jesus the Christ, but just haven't made it a priority and now I'm 24 and still haven't read it (sensing a pattern here)!  When I went home I found out my sisters were reading it and so I (finally) jumped on the bandwagon.  I'm about 40 pages in and am LOVING it! 
  • Lose 10 pounds!  I've never really had weight related resolutions, but there is some still some baby weight hanging around that has got to go!
  • Keep improving my cooking skills!  I've been trying to make a point of trying new recipes as of late, and I hope to continue to do so!  Last night I made these Lime Chicken Fajitas.  They were delicious!
And...just because pictures make it better, a picture of me on Christmas day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Missouri Trip!

Wes "staying awake the whole time" on the plane. 

Ty Slept the entire time through both flights!

Shanell asked me to make her wedding cake!  A HUGE thanks to aunt DEBBIE and Samantha Francka for all of their help.  I would have been lost without them.

Ty with Great Grandma Hart.

Wes with aunt Sydnie the day she left for Utah.

BYRON!!!  so cute! we already miss this little guy like crazy!

Wes on his first day of Sunbeams in our ward here!  I can't believe he is in primary already!  (after church...he usually has his shirt tucked in at church ha!)

We had such a great trip!  It went by super fast because we were soo busy, but it was so great to be able to see family again and most importantly to be there for Shanell's wedding!  Todd was able to come in to St. Louis for the wedding too, and because of flight delays he got in just minutes before he needed to be at the temple!  It was crazy but he made it and I was so glad.  He flew back out that afternoon. 

We stayed with Rachelle and Byron and it was so fun to be with them...THANKS RACHELLE! 
Wes has already told me a few times that he wants to go back to Missouri!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Wes with his lightning McQueen winter hat from Grandma and Grandmpa Wilkins.
At the hotel where Todd works for Christmas dinner and gift exchange.

Todd took the boys on a ride in the lift and they thought it was great.
Christmas was great this year!  After opening presents we headed to the hotel where Todd has been working for a fantastic Christmas dinner and then a gift exchange.  Afterward Todd showed me around the job.  We came home in the afternoon and relaxed and then finally had some cinnamon waffles for dinner (since we woke up too late for breakfast). 

Wes, Ty and I are off to Missouri tomorrow to get ready for Shanell's wedding! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shanell, SNOW, and other cuteness.

 Shanell came to visit me for a week!  It was so GREAT to have her here after not seeing her for so long.  We mainly worked on wedding stuff, but we also took some time to see the church sites in Palmyra (just 30 minutes from us) and see some other things here around Rochester. 

 Outside a homemade candy shop on park avenue (Grandma's is better)
Wes and I in the sacred Grove
 It started snowing the day she got here, and hasn't really stopped since!

 Wes and Ty today just hanging out.
Ty at 8 weeks!